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From this page you will be able to download key texts that are free. As new work or archived work becomes available they will be uploaded to this site and can be accessed from this page in the future.


You can download Creativity|WORKS an example of socially engaged work across a wide number of contexts with different content and approaches. It is an example of how creativity works towards bringing into being social sculpture (Joseph Beuys) It is the product that shows creative process at work and was funded by Arts Council England and a partnership of other funders to deliver work of excellence in the field. Andrew Henon headed up this piece of work whilst working with many others and creativity works organisation formerly known as nesa (North East Somerset Arts)


· Creativity|WORKS


Water memories making history was the first publication of the trilogy of work of which creativity works was the last and ‘Our Side of The Story’ the second. Water memories making history was funded by the heritage lottery ‘Young Roots’ initiative. Again conceived designed and delivered by Andrew Henon working with young people and other partners to provide case studies of making and creative processes combined with social sculpture.


· Water memories making history


Our Side Of The Story was funded by the DCFS as part of the 21st century literacy programme through Media Box at South West Screen. It is a collection of photographs that were edited and taken by young people. It represents the final product showing selected pieces of work from a vast archive of work produced by ‘at risk’ young people. It gives them a voice that is so frequently ignored or undervalued. This is an example of social sculpture in action as so many changes were observed during the project relating to addressing of social issues and change.


· Our Side Of The Story


Andrew Henon completed an MA by Fine Art Research Project in January 2008. This work focused on issues of addiction and creativity. It set out to explore both of these issues combined at the project end Andrew was unsuccessful at giving up smoking. However in April 2008 he succeeded and has not smoked since. This time the attempt was supported by smoking cessation support services and a daily video diary was created this will be uploaded in the near future. Below is a link to a video created in support of the dissertation and below that a copy of the dissertation itself.


· Link to video file in support of MA work completed 2008



· MA 2008 Dissertation ‘Presence’


Here you can access two YouTube links that show work produced during Andrews freelance time with Somerset Film. They are two examples of work produced in 2010 as part of ‘Company of Voices’ Generations together initiative.


· Intergenerational work ‘Bridging The Gap’ video on YouTube



· And the Making of ‘Bridging The Gap’ video on YouTube



Below is a link to the seminal life changing collection of academic stories from a range of well known and respected people describing various issues encountered and experienced by being ‘dyslexic’ Andrew has written the afterword.


· CASCADE Full book download


Sketchbook information


· Sketchbook brief paper introducing the uses of sketchbooks as research tools and development of creative process and thinking.


Andrew Henon artist brief is an example of the kind of manifesto for practice adopted by the artist in engaging in ‘social sculpture’ a term used by Joseph Beuys.


· Andrew Henon Artist Brief

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