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The monday studio website is an educational resource it is also the host of the digital archive of work created by Andrew Henon and an historical record of the monday studio. You can now commission Andrew directly Commissions

You can access and download a range of publications from the downloads and publications pages where a range of free downloadable documents are available.

You can access the archives and historical records as they become available and you can access recent work from the Gallery and watch embeded videos

The monday studio was formed in november 1997 with an internet presence since 1998. It is now the sole practice of Andrew Henon see histories for the full provenance and story of progress to date.

From ths site you will be able to access the work on the wordpress Blog where you can receive an update on current work and begin a live dialogue or visit the proffessional profile on Linked in. where you can join Andrews professional network, or follow on current trends on twitter

In the future this website will act as the portal through which you will be able to access the definative collection of work by Andrew Henon and the mondaystudio. You can access the Biography which shows the cronological details of the range and depth of work over 36 years. From early works of environmental and ecologically based issues in 1978 through to spatial design and build to conceptual resolutions, towards educational resources and approaches of 'Living educational theory' See Jack Whiteheads and current practice up to the current creation of the APEX book and the building of this site

Follow progress of work on linked in, twitter and wordpress blog sites below

In the balance 1979 28"x20" Space Junk 1978 26"x36"  30"x26"

Some examples of early work 1978 - 1980 focus on ecological and environmental concerns

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Commission Andrew directly click on Commissions

Link to Method as theory DRAFT paper

We welcome your comments, support and feedback for the developmen of this site.

APEX book of accounts and peoples stories see living Legacies website

Please see current twitter, Linked in and wordpress blog for conversations, dialogues and networks click on the bottom of the page or click from the index on left

Here are some other key sites of interest to visit

The Living Learning website has details of participants in APEX programmes afirmations to continue working together.

The seminal website pressence of Jack Whitehead and 'Living Educational theory' can be found atJacks site Action Research

From here you can access the work of Morag Kiziewicz

You can contact Andrew here by e-mail click on the image below

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